KittingKitting and Hand Assembly Services

Kit assembly can be one of the most time-consuming and error-prone fulfillment projects because it involves taking multiple components and combining them in a specific order within a binder, folder or other package.  This is Fulco Fulfillment’s bread and butter.  We have the systems and process disciplines to flawlessly execute high-volume kitting assignments, such as:

  • Binders
  • Press kits
  • Trade show packets
  • Employee welcome kits
  • Investor relations packets
  • Product and training manuals

Features of our kitting services

  • Flexible labor for one-time, high-volume projects.  We help you economically manage short-term assembly projects with our scalable workforce of full-time and temporary staff. 
  • Quality assurance.  Our software system has a kitting module that programs in kit contents.  The system is then used to manage an accurate assembly process, as components are scanned during assembly.  FFI has enhanced the system for one military client to assure final kits cannot be closed out in the system until every component is scanned and logged.   
  • Online orders.  Using our web storefront for products and marketing materials, your field reps can request specific materials online, which can be assembled into a kit. 

Need kitting services?

Contact us to discuss your needs in detail.