Web-enabled Systems for Online Visibility and Management

We can work with you to build your own private web storefront for your marketing materials.  Include color images of literature, premiums and giveaways, along with quantities in stock.  The site can be designed to have the look and feel of your company’s website with your unique branding.  Some FFI customers highlight this storefront link on their intranet for easy access.  One customer has 500 sales reps who regularly use our online system to process requests for literature and samples.  The system is designed for fast, easy set-up.  We can bring large accounts up within two weeks. 

Functionality of our web storefront

  • Clearly organize available products
  • Navigate site with point & click convenience
  • Customize the site without programming
  • Assign order charges to a particular department or division for budget tracking

View a demonstration video.

Manage your inventory online, stay in complete control

While our customer service representatives are available by phone or email, our system gives you the time-saving convenience of getting immediate answers on line.  Even if you’re a technophobe, you can go into the system and set up business rules.  It’s that easy.  Or, let FFI do it for you.  The system gives managers the ability to:

  • Check order status and history
  • Check shipping status
  • Track daily activity by department, item and rep
  • Receive emails when inventory runs low or sits idle for too long
  • View detailed reports on inventory, usage, product history, leads, and more
  • Request a custom report
  • Establish order limits by programming rules and restrictions into the system

Need a fulfillment partner with state-of-the-art systems?

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