Warehousing Services

Fulco Fulfillment specializes in pick, pack and ship services to efficiently process small orders to salespeople, dealers, and distributors.  Items we store and distribute include products, literature, samples, premiums, signage, financial documents, magazines and other sales and promotional materials.  The facility combines bulk, racked and high-velocity pick areas for efficient storage and picking.  We are licensed to warehouse and ship over the counter pharmaceutical products. 

Features of our solution for warehousing

  • High-volume fulfillment with high accuracy.  We consistently deliver 99.7% performance on order accuracy and on-time shipment.  Metrics are closely monitored for continuous improvement. 
  • Advanced systems for managing inventory.  Our Veracore fulfillment system is the industry leading software solution for dealer, product, and literature fulfillment.  
  • Below-market storage rates.  We operate from a 143,000-square-foot Northern New Jersey fulfillment warehouse.  We own our building and can offer storage rates that are among the lowest in the Northeast. 
  • Convenient location.  We’re in Dover, NJ, just minutes from the intersection of Interstates 80 and 287 for easy on/off highway access.  While many of our customers are in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, we also serve customers outside the region who need a reliable east coast partner. 
  • Experienced team.  Our management team averages 25 years experience in fulfillment.  We can help assess your current operation and identify where we could drive cost and service improvements. 

Need a fulfillment warehouse?

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