Sales RepLead Fulfillment & Management Services

Fulco Fulfillment can assume the “backroom” details of lead fulfillment and management so you can focus on attracting and closing your sales prospects.  There are basically four steps to our lead management service:

  1. Receive the lead.  We can receive leads by mail, email or your website.  Our systems are very flexible.  Web orders can be directly imported into our system for real-time order capability.
  2. Record and track the lead source.  Inquiries are coded by source, eliminating laborious and inefficient inquiry sheet logging. Lead reports can be generated by any coded source to aid in ROI analysis.  With the right data, we can calculate and report on cost per lead and other marketing metrics. 
  3. Send a personalized response package to your prospect with the requested materials. 
  4. Refer the lead to the appropriate salesperson or dealer.  Sales territories and sales people often change.  We maintain an up-to-date database that allows us to quickly funnel the lead to the right salesperson for action. 

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