Healthcare Sample Distribution

For healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, distributing non-revenue products like samples and literature eats up scarce space and resources and can turn your sales reps into unproductive inventory managers.  Fulco Fulfillment’s healthcare and pharmaceutical sample distribution program is an efficient, regulatory compliant solution that allows your reps to focus on driving revenue, while we manage the details of storing, shipping and replenishing samples and literature.

Features of our healthcare and pharmaceutical sample distribution

  • Proven solution.  We manage national OTC sample distribution for one of the world’s largest healthcare companies.
  • Web storefront capability.  Your field reps can order and arrange shipping for samples and literature 24/7 with private web access to your inventory.  You can use the web portal to establish access rights for users, set product or budget allocations, manage inventory, and generate reports that allow you to analyze ordering data. 
  • Product launch support.  Our large fulfillment warehouse and scalable workforce of full-time and temporary staff enables us to support launches and promotions that require high-volume fulfillment within a short window. 

Looking for a proven solution for healthcare sample distribution? 

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