Case Examples

Fulfillment and Inventory Control

In order to prevent a kit backorder situation, a major manufacturer and Fulco Fulfillment Inc. (FFI) worked together to set-up an automatic reorder system.

The FFI order management system allowed us to set minimums for each kit, kitting supplies and component of each kit. When inventory levels reach the minimum level an automatic reorder notification is generated. The notification goes to the appropriate printer or supplier of each component creating an automatic reorder. Kits remain stocked at all times and never fall to zero.

FFI created a web shopping cart for wholesalers in the field to order kits. To keep the customerís wholesalers informed, FFI set the system to automatically generate email notifications for order confirmations and order shipments. Order shipment emails also include a tracking number.


FFI Tackles Warehousing and EDI Challenges to Help Major Retail Supplier

A large manufacturer of office supplies needed to provide a major U.S. retailer with ongoing product replenishment, with heavier shipments during back-to-school season.  Economical storage rates and a flexible workforce were the main reasons FFI was chosen as this manufacturer’s fulfillment partner. But the retail customer required specialized EDI integration and shipping documentation.  Although FFI provides EDI services as needed, in this case the most practical approach was to use the existing EDI structure.  The challenge: how to maintain security for both the supplier and the retailer while sharing network and software resources. 

FFI systems staff worked with our customer to develop a plan that protected each network while allowing effective communication.  Orders would originate at the manufacturer, be securely transmitted to FFI for picking and packing, then would be transmitted back to the originating system for EDI documentation.  FFI personnel would generate all EDI documents and ensure compliance with all packaging requirements.  The result was a system that was transparent to the retailer, yet allowed our customer  to concentrate on its core business.  FFI provided 99.7% performance on accuracy and on-time delivery despite seasonal volume fluctuations.  EDI documents were created and transmitted seamlessly, prompting commendations from the retailer for flawless performance at FFI.

Kitting and hand assembly

FFI Creates Complex Kits in Support of Active Duty Troops

FFI works closely with a contract assembler for the U.S. Army.  This contractor provided multiple components that needed to be assembled with guaranteed accuracy for use in the field.  Only some of these components were required, depending on the equipment used.   FFI was asked to assemble these kits and package items to avoid breakage or deterioration during shipment and storage.  Correct packaging was critical since material needed to last for long periods in harsh climates.  FFI uses the kitting module within its fulfillment system to manage the task.  The company’s systems specialists wrote a program to ensure that kit contents were accurate.  Each of the kit components has a bar code. The system does not close out the kit until each item is individually scanned.  The program is now in its second year of delivering 100% order accuracy.  In the case of problems, FFI can track items back to the exact kit in which they were shipped.